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We are High Season

Founded in 2014, High Season Co. is a Social Media Agency designed to help you discover your community, create authentic connections and deliver transformational experiences.

We were raised by the internet, we are rooted in diversity, and we are immersed in the culture - this is our competitive edge. Driven by passion, knowledge and entrepreneurship, we anticipate where attention is going and seek to break the algorithm in the pursuit of it.

What We Do


Social Media Management


Your ability to keep up with your customers throughout their digital journey will be the key to your long-term success.  


Content Creation

Storytelling through digital media is essential to building real relationships between you and your customers.


Social Media Advertising

Implementing a social advertising strategy will amplify your brand's message in the digital space.


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What They Say


Shehan De Silva, CEO and Founder, Lost Craft

“As soon as we partnered with High Season to push our brand to a wider audience, we saw immediate results. We’ve seen a huge increase in traffic and substantially increased our brand awareness while securing new customers who turn into brand advocates via social media."


Daniel Hewes, Director, Creative Dot Design

"High Season has increased my client’s conversion rate and user acquisition by 10x with their social media strategy and ad buying services."


Rick Calabiao, Owner, Sweet Touch Foundation

“Once you work with them, they invest all their time, energy and resources to give your brand the identity it needs no question. Sweet Touch Foundation in the past year has seen a significant increase in brand awareness with the help of High Season. Branding is a big part of your business which cannot be ignored, Craig and Tiff are two of the best that can make your dreams a reality.”

Featured Blog Post


How We Grew Lost Craft's Instagram Account By 10,000 Followers In One Summer

When we took over the marketing strategy of Lost Craft’s Instagram account in the beginning of June, they had 1577 followers. By the end of the summer, they’d hit well over 11,000. Here’s how we did it.

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