April 4, 2019

How To Get Your Next 1000 Instagram Followers

Growing a following on Instagram has become one of the most important – and sought after – elements to the Social Media strategy of any brand (personal or otherwise). Doing it right takes a ton of time, energy, effort, thought and strategy, and is certainly more of an arduous task than a lot of brands or Influencers may make it seem. Every action must be made with intent, and building a genuine community around your brand or subject matter must be the goal. Success will follow.

Before we get started, watch our video on how to setup your profile for success. Once you apply these lessons, it’s time to move to the next level.

Ready to get your next 1,000 followers? The following video will break it down in-depth.


If you prefer the TL;DR, here it is:

Create a Content Strategy – Don’t just post randomly, make sure you have a reason for everything you post on social.

Use Instagram Stories – This is one of the biggest algorithm hacks. Instagram are really pushing Stories right now, so appearing in the Stories feeds of followers is key.

Go Live – Take the Stories hack to the next level, but make sure if you go Live, you keep it short, sharp and entertaining/informative.

Test Your Captions – Try different types of captions to see which resonate with your audience – short and snappy or long and deep.

Share High Quality Photos – Instagram is essentially an art gallery, so treat it as such and only post high resolution images.

Stick To An Editing Style or Theme – Keeping your feed consistent is key to your overall aesthetic.

Engage – That’s the whole point of Social Media, isn’t it?

Use Hashtags On Every Post – Use all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows, all the time, every time.

Mix Popular + Smaller (or Niche) Hashtags – Create a balance between the broad million plus hashtags where you’re unlikely to be found, and the more dedicated niche hashtags where you’ll stand out.

Tag Major Related Brands – If you have any products from other brands in your post, tag them and get their attention. It creates affinity for the algorithm, and you might just get a re-post out of it.

Tag Your Location – Leverage Instagram’s location tags for an additional chance of discovery.

Reach Out To Influencers – Even if you don’t have the budget just yet, you may be able to get some exposure via connecting with influential people in your community.

Use Instagram Ads – Money talks, and Instagram ads are a sure fire way to break through the algorithm.

Host A Giveaway – Contests and giveaways are a simple and effective way to grow your audience and increase exposure to your target market. Everyone loves free stuff.



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Don’t have time to handle all of this while also running your business? Get in touch with one of our social media managers so that we can help put together a comprehensive social strategy that’s right for you.

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