January 13, 2020

How To Create The Perfect Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio can make or break your account. You only have seconds to make the right first impression and your bio is the place to start – it’s your digital business card and it has to be impressive to attract new followers while keeping your existing ones around.

We just found out that one of our clients were featured in Later’s blog for their Instagram bio, so we thought it’d be a great opportunity to share the love on what a perfect bio looks like. If you’re unfamiliar with Later, they are the #1 marketing platform for Instagram, and they always share amazing educational content so we were thrilled to see our client on the list of “25 Examples You’ll Definitely Want to Copy!”

If you prefer video to the written word, we covered this entire blog post here:


Step #1 – Create a Business Profile

Account: The first step in having a perfect bio optimized for your business is to have a business profile. To do that, hit the 3 bars on the top right of your profile, then Settings, Account, Switch to Business Account. Follow the steps and you’re good to go.

Step #2 – Add Targeted Keywords to Your Name Field

Name Field: Most people don’t know this field is actually searchable, which means you’re going to want to optimize it with relevant keywords so that people can easily find your business, just like you would with a website. If someone doesn’t know you are, they’re less likely to search for you by name, but they’ll certainly search for your business type of topic. For example, the name field for a craft beer podcast should read “Name: Craft Beer Podcast” in contrast to just the name of the podcast.


Step #3 – Make Your Username Clear and Easy to Read

Obviously you want to have your business name here whenever possible, and avoid any hyphens, underscores or numbers if when possible. The real key is to keep your username consistent with other platforms and your URL to reduce any friction between you and potential customers searching for you online.

Step #4 – Use a High Resolution Photo for Your Profile Picture

Upload a high-res photo of your logo, product, or yourself if it’s a personal brand (an artist or speaker, for example) with 60% of your face in frame. For most businesses, we’d advise having your logo to assist in supporting brand recognition.

Step #5 – Optimize the Text in Your Bio

This is where you really get to make your impression and sum up what you do in 150 succinct characters, so it’s important you’re descriptive but to the point. It’s also important that you draft this bio with your target audience in mind so they know they’re in the right place.

In our bio, we tell you exactly what we do. “We partner with brands we believe in” – this lets people know we don’t just work with everyone, and we even go as far as to list our services out so you know exactly what we offer. We love adding emojis to keep the profile fun and on brand with how content is shared on Instagram.


Tags and hashtags: Our client featured in Later’s blog was called out for their great use of their branded hashtags, which we included in the bio to encourage guests to use when they post about the brand. Branded hashtags are essential because they help categorize your content into a beautiful visual library on Instagram, which becomes social proof for potential customers, while it also helps to reinforce your brand’s message.

We also encourage you to tag the personal brand related to the overall business account if that’s something that can be leveraged (for example, the owner behind a business), but ensure that the personal brand account is also on point and will accurately represent the business.

Lastly, include a CTA (call-to-action) so your current and potential followers know where to go and what to do next. You’ve got to have a verb in there, and some of our faves include: Subscribe, Shop, Get (e.g. resources), Learn and Share.


Step #6 – Use a Social Media Landing Page for the Link in Your Bio

This is the one and only opportunity to have someone click out of your bio for the vast majority of accounts. For those with 10,000 or more followers, or those who are verified, you have the swipe up feature on Stories and there are stoppable options as well for retail businesses. Ensure you maximize the potential on this link in bio opportunity by turning it into a landing page. Platforms like linktr.ee or linkinbio by Later allow you to do this easily so that your followers can have a frictionless path to fulfilling your call to action. These services, which offer free and paid tiers, also ensure you don’t have to keep swapping out the link continuously to match each call to action in your posts – which would be very redundant now given that the news feed is no longer presented in chronological order. All of our clients are using this landing page solution – it’s a must in 2020. You also get analytics as an option, and can turn those links into bit.ly links if you want double the data, or don’t love the shortlink name you’re given with platforms like linktr.ee.

Step #7 – Fill Out Your Contact Information and Add Links to the Buttons

Make sure you have your contact information filled out so that your followers can easily get in touch with your business if they want to inquire into your products or services – this can include your street address, phone number and email. Also, check out the button section to see if anything else is relevant to you – for example, our client was hosting a ticketed event for their Real Estate seminar, so we added the “Get Tickets” button linked to the Eventbrite page in their bio.


Step #8 – Create Highlights and Organize Them With Branded Covers and Categories

These are great and honestly one of the best things that has happened to Instagram, because it turned what was once temporary content into something more permanent that you can now categorize and showcase. There are over 500 million users on Stories, so it’s very likely they will go to your Stories before they even go to your feed. Be sure to create Highlights from your Stories for key content that can easily tell your brand’s story, and for information they can refer to regularly and without friction (for example, a restaurant menu, pricing guides or FAQs).

Crafting an effective Instagram bio will help you to convert a higher number of profile visitors into followers. Having the perfect Instagram bio is just the start. For tips on how to to successfully move from perfecting your bio to optimizing your entire Instagram profile download our free Instagram checklist.

Rather manage your business than your social profiles? Get in touch with one of our social media managers so that we can help put together a comprehensive social strategy that’s right for you.

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