December 31, 2018

6 Social Media Predictions For 2019

As the years have been inclined to do lately, 2018 flew by. For our final blog post of the year, we figured we’d go out on a limb and do something we’ve never really done before – make some bold Social Media Predictions for 2019.

You also may have noticed that we recently rebranded the company with a new look, new logo and new website (shout outs to our partners Creative Dot). In addition to the changes, we quietly added vlogging to our cavalry of content – all of which you can find over at our YouTube channel – and you’ll find this entire post in video form below if that’s a more appealing medium for you.

So without further ado, here are our Social Media Predictions for 2019.

Prediction #1: An Increase In Social Media Budget Spend For Ads And Influencer Marketing

As more and more companies realize that Social Advertising is extremely under-priced, and as organic reach is essentially dead, we’re going to see a lot more of investors in this space. No reasonable Social Media strategy will exclude advertising, as there’s literally no other method more efficient and more effective at drilling down on a precise, targeted audience. In 2018 ads were heavily used, of course, however we believe that in 2019 a lot more players will be testing the waters and really pushing their message via ads. In addition to advertising, Influencer Marketing will grow significantly – with the winners being Micro Influencers. As Social Media users, we can all admit we’re a little tired of the same old “lifestyle” bloggers posting about any and every company who’ll throw a few dollars at them, and the impact those posts are having is dwindling. Enter ultra-niche, ultra-targeted Micro Influencers. Not only are they more cost effective for brands, but their reach and very specific influence hits the exact target market they’re looking for. Whether it’s for knitting, craft beer or travelling interracial families, there’s a Micro Influencer out there for your business, and this is where brands will be putting their money in 2019.

Prediction #2: An Increase in MAU On Twitter

Whoever said “Twitter is dead” hasn’t been paying attention. Twenty eighteen was Twitter’s comeback year, with an incredible volume of viral memes, breaking news stories and careers made and broken on the app. While its relevance has decreased in the past, these last 12 months cemented Twitter’s place in the social stratosphere, even through its wild ups and downs. We predict that the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) will increase dramatically, as more and more users and brands reactivate their dormant accounts or start fresh accounts to get in on the action. With so many amazing brands killing it on Twitter (some of our faves we mentioned in the video include Wendy’s, Hot Pockets and Pop Tarts), there’s no reason every business shouldn’t have a presence and at least be the voice of your company while building and nurturing your customer base.

Prediction #3: Social Media Commerce Will Dominate

Friction is the enemy of success, so 2019 will see a dramatic increase in Social Media Commerce primarily across Instagram and Facebook. Both networks have introduced product tagging on their respective platforms, allowing brands to link directly to their products and e-commerce website where users can purchase direct, saving those precious additional clicks which often result in a bounce. If you head to any shopping mall, you’ll notice they just aren’t as busy as they used to be and that’s mostly thanks to online shopping, so the next logical step is purchasing directly from the social platforms. We predict that there will be a large growth in the number of brands taking advantage of Social Media Commerce in 2019, and an equal amount of users shopping (and purchasing) while they scroll.

Prediction #4: IGTV Will Gain Traction This Year

Instagram’s vertical-only YouTube competitor IGTV was introduced earlier in 2018, and while it definitely picked up some traction, it certainly wasn’t what we all may have anticipated. To be fair, Instagram Stories, now the most used disappearing content feature on the planet, took some time to truly dig its claws into the social consciousness so we predict that it’s only a matter of time before IGTV truly makes its mark. We’ve dabbled with IGTV across our various platforms this year to varying success, however we plan to ramp our activity up moving into 2019 as we believe a lot of attention will be aimed at that little circle on every Instagram profile. We even customized this entire vlog just for IGTV for the High Season Co. Instagram account – the only way to do it, folks, don’t go slapping un-edited horizontal videos up there, that’s just lazy and your followers will notice. Watch this space.

Prediction #5: YouTube Will Be More Creator Friendly

In response to the looming threat of IGTV and Facebook’s Watch page, we predict (and hope and pray tbh) that YouTube will become more “creator friendly” in 2019. The whole Logan Paul suicide forest incident earlier in 2018 really set up-and-coming creators back significantly, removing all monetization and setting an almost unrealistic bar to get it back – with little to no help from YouTube as far as helping creators build their platforms. Now that there are two other serious options where creators can launch their content, YouTube will have no choice but to do the same if they want to stay in the game. While they certainly have the advantage of being the world’s second largest search engine and the most recognized online video brand, they can’t rest on their laurels if they expect creator loyalty in 2019.

Prediction #6: Chatbots Will Be More Popular

We heard this at a conference back in February 2017, however the rise of chatbots hasn’t really happened as expected. Sure, more and more businesses are getting involved, and we’re certain we’ve dealt with chatbots at Rogers (a Canadian telecommunications company) in the past, however we predict that they will become more prevalent than ever in 2019. With numerous companies popping up allowing you to build your own chatbots, it’s looking to be easier than ever to set up simple online, friction-less and human-free communication tools for your business. And they’ll only become more and more prevalent as the AI of these tools improves. What a time to be alive.

So, these are our Social Media Predictions for 2019. We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think the attention is moving, and how you plan to capitalize on any of these platforms or features. Of course, if you need any help developing a strategy to ensure your brand dominates in the social media space, we’re only an email away.

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