March 9, 2017

5 Ideas To Help You Kill It With Instagram Slideshow

Guest blog by Rene Ricardo Bernal

In the social media world, things change by the minute so it’s important for your business that you jump on any new development fast to see how it can work for you. Instagram recently introduced a new feature which lets users put together up to 10 photos and videos in one single post that you can explore by swiping.

Using the new feature to assemble a gallery of photos and videos is super simple, and what’s most important with this new update is finding the most effective way to use it. If you’re not sure how to start using Slideshows on your brand’s feed, we have a few easy to implement suggestions for you.

1. Step-by-Step Demo

Users tend to love the experience and hands-on approach when learning about new products or services. The Slideshow update now gives you the ability to create a simple yet slick step-by-step guide to your product or service for your audience.

You want to showcase a new cocktail you perfected? You have products you’d like to demo? Or maybe you’d like to give some insight into your company’s workflow? With the ability to assemble multiple images into one post, your brand could use this new feature to breakdown whatever it is you do into easy to swallow, bite-sized pieces.

2. Tell A Story

If you enjoy storytelling and love giving play-by-plays through the ever-popular disappearing story feature, here’s another way to highlight the best of your Instagram Stories.

If you tend to showcase your brand’s adventures (or misadventures) on your Instagram Story as it unfolds, consider using the Slideshow feature for an overview of your day’s stories. Curate the best moments and create a summary of the events that make up the tale of the day that you can then showcase in one succinct post. That way, your followers won’t miss a thing.

3. Highlight An Influencer’s Campaign

If you’re working with Influencers to promote your brand, Slideshow can become an effective way to amplify your marketing objectives, providing an additional chance for followers to connect with your campaign.

Slideshow gives you another chance to tell your story by providing a closer look at cultural Influencers interacting and creating personal narratives with your brand. Showcasing a compilation of images and videos of social Influencers living the experience of your brand is a cool and effective additional strategy for your Influencer campaign.

4. Multiple Product Showcase

If your business has a variety of products or services to promote, Slideshow gives you the chance to provide visibility to all of them in one simple post. Save time – and avoid spammy feed pollution – by compiling your product line into one Slideshow post. These can look super slick if done right, while keeping your ‘right hooks’ to a minimum (thereby making them much more effective) and allowing more room for those handy ‘jabs’.

5. Inspirational Quotes

If you love sharing positive motivational messages and quotes, Slideshow provides a creative way to do so.

Compiling multiple images to reveal your ‘Inspirational Quote of the Day’ can turn out to be a satisfying post for your followers, as the impulse to swipe left to see what’s next is almost impossible to suppress. It’s also a chance to get a little creative with the messages you want to share to give your audience a taste of their daily motivation.

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