January 10, 2020

14 Easy Social Media Content Ideas

Are you struggling week-to-week for fresh ideas on what to post on Social Media? Does your content feel a little stale or like it’s on autopilot? Well, stress no further, we have 14 easy Social Media content ideas in this post for you that you can start implementing ASAP to keep your feed interesting, your followers entertained, and new profile viewers wanting to hit “follow”. All the examples outlined in the blog post are from accounts we manage with various resources, so if we can do it, you can do it too.

If you’d prefer to watch us talk about these fresh social media content ideas, hit the video below:


  1. Launch A Series

One thing that users respond well to is consistency. If followers know they can expect fresh, themed content within a regular timeframe (for example, on a certain day and time each week), they’ll be drawn to your feed on the lookout for the newest post. It could be a video or an image series, perhaps a slideshow of tips or tricks – and it doesn’t have to be something that’s super time consuming or difficult to produce. Keep it simple and regular, and followers will keep coming back. 

  1. Run A Contest or Giveaway

This one is pretty straightforward. People love free stuff so if you’re able to give something away, do it. It’s also a great way to generate some new followers – they don’t always stick around but a lot do. You could even collaborate with another business or influencer for a giveaway to further increase your reach.


  1. Host an AMA

People love it when brands talk directly with them, so give people a chance to ask you questions via an Ask Me Anything (AMA). Popularized by reddit, the most efficient way to run these now is to go Live on any preferred platform, but keep in mind that Instagram Stories has a Q&A feature that can work almost as well. You could even pick a date and time to run it and ask your followers to submit questions so you have them all prepared ahead of time, and if people ask you fresh questions while you’re Live then you can add those in, too.

  1. Go Live

Instead of running an AMA, you could just go Live in general. The balance is delicate; you don’t want to annoy people and you always want to provide value, so start slow, perhaps go Live on a consistent day and time so people know to expect it, be engaging, keep it short and sharp and figure out what your audience wants to see.

  1. Account Takeovers

Bring in an influencer or content creator and have them “takeover” your account for a day or more. They could post content to the feed and Stories, allowing them to bring their enthusiasm for your business/product/service to your platforms and showcase how a real user would engage with what it is you do. Always make sure that you work with the right Influencer or content creator, who should be on brand and has an authentic following. For more information on this, check out our post on how to tell if an influencer is actually influential.


  1. Repurpose Content

This is key with video, but there’s almost always a way to reuse any format of existing content again. You could take a vlog or informational video, like this one for example, and edit it into short clips to be posted across social with a more direct message, or take a quote from your blog post and make it into an image in Canva to be shared across your platforms. People enjoy consuming shorter content versus longer content for the most part, so it will breathe new life into what you’ve already spent time creating.

  1. Post UGC

One of the simplest social media content ideas. Most businesses have some sort of User Generated Content (UGC) available to them – so use it! Keep a running folder of great content you’ve found online that was created by your customers, and repost them with permission. Most people are cool with having their photos reposted and are stoked to see their image on a brand’s account, but be careful with actual photographers – they’re often not so excited about it seeing as photography is how they make a living.

  1. Share, Share, Share

Share more content from other accounts! Share (or retweet) great articles, links, stories, images, graphics or videos from brands or people you admire that you feel align with your brand. This helps the algorithm know how to place your content, and you might even end up creating relationships with those you repost from. Sharing other content also gives your followers some insight into the ethos of your brand, which is always helpful for building consumer alignment.


  1. Post a Throwback

Throwbacks aren’t only for Thursdays, folks. You can essentially utilize images or older content from some of your historical work (events, launches, collaborations, products, etc) and repost them to showcase your excellent work from the past, or even to reiterate how far you’ve come. This can work really well when it comes to product or label designs (then vs now), fun shots from older events to demonstrate growth in attendance, or some other fun work you’ve done with the community, influencers or other brands.

  1. How To’s / Tutorials

If your product or industry requires instructions or tutorials, then this is a great way for you to be genuinely helpful to your audience. Show them how to use what it is that you produce, preferably via video, but a written component is helpful as well. These videos could then be placed in a helpful playlist so customers can reference them easily in future.

  1. Graphics / Memes

Make your own! You can always share existing infographics or memes but it’s even more powerful when you create your own. Using a tool like Canva (when are they going to open an affiliate program?) makes it super easy, or you can even repurpose trending memes and make them your own, something we’ve done for our clients with great success.


  1. Trending Topics

The best place to find out what folks are chatting about online is the Trending Topics on Twitter, and the same hashtags often travel across platforms. Jump in on something that’s currently popular and widely spoken about, add your own two cents and encourage your audience to join in with you and engage. Be careful with political topics, however, as these can be touchy and potentially alienate parts of your audience.

  1. Run a Promotion

Create a social-specific promotion for your followers, perhaps a discount, 2-for-1, BOGO or even something a little more creative. It could last as long as 24 hours or it could run for an entire week – it doesn’t have to be huge, just something to generate some excitement and engagement.

  1. Run a Poll

Polls are now natively available on all platforms, they’re super easy to use, and people tend to love them – who doesn’t enjoy giving their opinion on the internet? They can generate a solid amount of engagement in a short time and they’re a super easy thing to knock out – you could even manage to do these daily for mundane things like the weather, or run a focus group campaign to help discover what your audience thinks about new products or services.

These easy social media content ideas will help to keep your content fresh and consistent. Next step is to schedule everything so you stay at least a week ahead at all times, and focus on engagement over day-t0-day posts.

Don’t have time to manage all of this while also running your business? Get in touch with one of our Social Media Managers so that we can help put together a comprehensive social strategy that’s right for you.

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