Craig Thorn


Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Craig is an experienced Social Media and Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and Content Creator bringing his decade-plus experience to brands in North America.

As Co-Founder of High Season Co., Craig plays an integral role in the development and implementation of highly-targeted social campaigns for major brands and small-to-medium businesses across multiple disciplines. With an interest in Social Media beginning in the MySpace era, Craig’s experience dates back as far as TwitPic, which he used for live social coverage of Ashton Kutcher on the red carpet in 2010. From an Executive Digital Marketing position at Roadshow Films to heading the SEO and Content department at one of Australia’s Big 4 banks, Craig is a certified first-mover in the Digital Marketing space.

With passions for craft beer and music, Craig converted his casual reviews into one of Canada’s premier craft beer podcasts and web series, BAOS Podcast. Travelling North America and Australia interviewing some of the world’s top brewers and craft beer minds, Craig has been able to use his expertise in both social media and beer to help build the brands of several Canadian breweries. If you’re looking for beer suggestions, Craig’s only an email away.

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